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The power to build men & restore shalom in our nation is in your hands.

Be part of a passionate community of people determined to build strong men. When we strengthen men, we help strengthen our families, our churches, our communities, and our nation. Your donation helps fund the movement to produce strong young & seasoned leaders to be active change agents in Jesus’s name within an array of cities across the nation. Some of the diverse ways K.I.N.G. Men are actively engaging their communities include: educating & mentoring youth from middle school to colleges, inspiring hope within young & older men from juvenile centers to prisons, journeying with individuals & groups in shelters, elderly homes & rehabilitation centers, partnering with CBO’s, small businesses & corporations to provide critical services for those in need, confronting racial injustice and the systems that perpetuate inequality & inequity, and providing services to support men to be better husbands and fathers. As a K.I.N.G. supporter, you can feel confident that you are playing a critical part in improving our society.

Building Men Can’t Wait

The life impacting challenges that men are facing, especially men of color, have never been greater and the need for unify bold Christ-like men to advocate for families & communities has never been more urgent. Your generous support can actually save lives.

Create Your Legacy for Our Nation

Have an enduring impact on cities, further your financial goals and maximize your giving by partnering with us. You can make a world of difference for generations to come.

Fundraising A Chapter Near You

Is K.I.N.G. in your city or nearby? Have you met one of our Chapter leaders in your area? Now is a great time. Support their efforts in your community to help it thrive.