To become a member, or Crown, of The K.I.N.G. Movement, one must go through a Crowning process that culminates in The Crowning Ceremony. The process and ceremony is Biblically-based and designed to encourage, inspire and embolden men in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It also creates a strong bond of brotherhood among K.I.N.G. members and ensures that all members understand the basic tenets of The Movement. The Crowning Ceremony is completely transparent and in fact, family members and friends of prospective Crowns are invited to attend as observers. To begin the Crowning/membership process, contact K.I.N.G. at

The Crowning process, which is led by local or national K.I.N.G. leaders, is as follows:

  1. Read and agree with K.I.N.G.’s Statement of Faith and Manifesto.
  2. Email a written statement to the K.I.N.G. national office ( consisting of your personal Christian testimony and why you want to join K.I.N.G.
  3. Memorize the K.I.N.G. Mission Statement and be able to explain how, by fulfilling its mission, K.I.N.G. can be a benefit to society. This information can be found by going to the ABOUT tab and clicking on MISSION STATEMENT.
  4. Memorize the four foundational scriptures of K.I.N.G. and be able to explain in your own words why each of the four scriptures was chosen to represent K.I.N.G. This information can be found by going to the ABOUT tab and clicking on LOGO & COLORS.
  5. Memorize the K.I.N.G. colors and be able to explain in your own words why each color was chosen to represent K.I.N.G. This information can be found by going to the ABOUT tab and clicking on LOGO & COLORS.
  6. Pass a written test on the aforementioned material.
  7. Sign the K.I.N.G. Manifesto.
  8. Pay your annual $50 membership fee.
  9. Participate in the Crowning Ceremony, at which time you will recite the information covered on the written test.



  1. Become a member by completing the Crowning process listed above.
  2. Prospective chapter leader/s must have two recommendation letters each (if married, one must be from their wife; the other from a friend, colleague, or someone in ministry), emailed to
  3. The prospective leader/s have a series of conference calls with the leaders of K.I.N.G.'s Chapter Growth and Development Committee. On these calls, the potential leaders will receive instruction, guidance and aid in starting a local chapter.
  4. To be recognized as an official K.I.N.G. chapter, you need at least five members, including a President and Vice President. However, you may start the process of becoming a chapter with fewer men. 



  1. Official chapters must have a President and a Vice President.
  2. Chapters must meet at least once per month, ideally on the same day and time each month. Locations, however, may vary.
  3. During meetings, chapters read and discuss the Crowning Curriculum and the True Manhood Series before moving on to other material.
  4. Each chapter must perform at least one act of community service or evangelistic outreach every three months.
  5. Each chapter must hold at least one social activity (party, bowling outing, BBQ, etc.) every three months.
  6. Each chapter must set up Quarterly Prayer Partners among its Crowned members. Prayer Partners, grouped in twos, pray twice a week (typically by telephone) for three months before switching partners within the chapter. 
  7. Chapters may sell K.I.N.G. merchandise to raise money for their local activities. Chapters receive discounts when buying K.I.N.G. merchandise in bulk.
  8. Chapters are encouraged to hold periodic fundraisers to raise money for their local activities.
  9. Each chapter is given the option of taking the summer months (June, July, August) off. However, such a break is not required.



The K.I.N.G. Movement
P.O. Box 342
South Orange, NJ 07079