Life has a mind of its own. Things can go your way and then turn left in a blink of an eye.
Once frustration sets in, the struggle begins. It could be the rude customer service rep taking your order, or the slow driver who just cut in front of you going 20 miles per hour.

Life Happens. Either learn how to deal with it or constantly let situations eat you up on the inside. To keep from being “eaten up,’’ we must use awareness, perspective and energy as survival tools for life's daily battles.

Here are three practical ways in which we can utilize these “tools’’ to stay balanced and at peace in the midst of the many trials we may face.

Quiet Time

One of the best ways to start your day is with prayer and meditation. Early in the morning is typically the best time. You will find that in the wee hours of the morning it is quiet and you will be able to focus and concentrate without being distracted. Being intentional about this sets a great tone for the rest of your day.

Glass Half Full

Looking at the glass half full instead of half empty is extremely important. We can put ourselves in a positive and even joyous mindset by approaching and looking at things from a solution-oriented perspective. As I mentioned before, life happens and things can come out of nowhere to shock us. How way we respond to these “surprises” is huge.

If we fall for the enemy’s tricks and allow our world to be effected by random events, we will lose the battle every time. We must know that in Christ the battle has already been won and that “no weapon formed against us will prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). The power is in the mind, remember that! And as believers, we have been “given the mind of Christ’’ (1 Corinthians 2:16). When we realize and fully embrace the fact that we have been given the mind of Christ, we will be the overcomers God has called us to be.

Positive Circle

We were put on this earth with individuals who are different from us but who are here to add value to our lives and the purpose God gave us. We must be alert and intentional regarding the energy we choose to put around us. Some individuals that we allow into our lives are liabilities and detriments to our mental, emotional and even physical health. Life has seasons and if you notice that the individuals in your life are not adding value to you, it is time to transition on. You are truly a reflection of the five people you closely associate with, so be wise.


We never know what obstacles we will face in life so the best way to approach it is to take control of your life. Start your mornings early with God.  Through prayer and the study of scripture, allow his presence to be the guide for your day. Spend 90 percent of your time focusing on solutions and only 10 percent of your time thinking about your problems. Finally, be sure to keep like-minded individuals around you.

When things get out of control, it is important to gain balance by being intentional with your life.

Kené Washington is a counselor and Anger Management consultant in the Greater Los Angeles area for "Building Better Minds". BBM's mission is to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.