I don’t know all the facts of the case yet, as many of us don't, but I do know that something needs to be done to help prevent "preventable deaths" whenever possible. And not just conversations... something needs to be done! And on a national level. I also know this... the rate of police-involved deaths was 5X higher for young black males 15-34 than it was for their white male counterparts of the same age group in 2015. I can’t imagine 2016 has been much better at this point.

This is not an indictment on all of law enforcement, but there is clearly an issue that is costing people their lives. Women are losing husbands, and children are losing fathers at an alarming and unnecessary rate. Many of which could have, and should have been prevented. This is a national issue that is further destroying race relations and trust of law enforcement in America. In the hearts and minds of many, it is also destroying any hopes of racial, social, and economic equity in this country. And the more people that lose hope... God help us all.

As a resident of the state of North Carolina, I commend the Cary PD, Apex PD, and Raleigh PD for the proactive work that you are doing to Build Bridges with the African American communities and ALL the diverse populations represented in your respective communities. We now need this type of transformational change to occur on a national level. As Dr. King has taught us all... "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

I don't know all the facts of the #AltonSterling case, but the facts that I do know as it relates to the perception and treatment of African American males in this country are concerning to say the least. My prayers go out to the Sterling family, the officers, and all who were involved.

As discouraging and disheartening as it is anytime we see and/or hear about things like this, I will not lose hope!  I will continue to believe that prayer is the most powerful weapon that any of us possess. I am also fully aware that prayer is not the only weapon that many of us possess. We must act.  We must pray.  This must stop.

"If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal the land". 

2 Chronicles 7:14

Tru Pettigrew is a devoted family man, an accomplished business leader, and engaged community leader. His love for his family and his passion to help others win are what fuels him each day. He is also an author, a Life Coach, an award-winning marketing executive, an inspirational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. Tru also serves as the president for the Raleigh-Durham chapter of the KING Movement national men’s ministry. 

Tru has been featured in such prominent publications as The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe, and Fortune Magazine for his marketing expertise. His highly anticipated book, Millennnials Revealed, was released in October 2015 with overwhelming positive response and feedback from thought leaders across the country.  Tru currently lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife of 14 years, Tameka, and their 4-year-old son Austin.