God created man with needs and one of those needs is female companionship. After creating Adam, God noticed that he needed a “help meet” or a partner. Interestingly, Adam did not need help meets – plural. If Adam had needed several women to satisfy him and make him content, God would have given him a harem. But God, who provided Adam with everything he needed in the Garden of Eden, created Adam in a way that one woman would be enough to keep him happy. So the idea that a man must have several women, several sexual partners, to satisfy him is a lie meant to keep us dissatisfied with our wives, afraid of or opposed to the idea of family, and from living as God intended.

The truth is that our bodies were not created to be sexually involved with lots of people. In 1 Corinthians 6:13, God says, “the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord.” So whenever men and women engage in fornication – whether premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality, etc. – they are misusing and abusing their bodies. That is why it is dangerous and people who practice extramarital sex are advised to use “protection.”

Whether a sexually transmitted disease, insecurity, arrogance, emotional heartache or an unwanted pregnancy, sexual immorality always has negative consequences. It can hinder one’s ability to fully enjoy sex with one’s spouse. It can create an unhealthy preoccupation with sex that keeps one from focusing on other necessary aspects of their life. It can lead to the development of a stronghold that leads one to seek more and more unconventional sexual thrills, which can open the door to perversion. Or it can destroy one’s family and reputation.

If mankind would merely follow the Lord’s plan for sex, those dangers would not exist and believe it or not, people would be more satisfied sexually, rather than constantly looking for a better experience. When God created sex, he said it was “very good” (Genesis 1:31) because it was in the context of marriage between a man and his wife. But when abused, sex becomes hazardous to one’s physical, emotional, spiritual and eternal health.


I. God was willing to fulfill the need and longing Adam, who represents all men, had for human companionship

A Only one woman was necessary to fulfill Adam's longing

B. If Adam (man) needed more women to satisfy him, God would have provided him with more

C. The idea that a man needs multiple women/sexual partners is unscriptural and a lie

1) This lie leads us to be dissatisfied with our one wife and to some degree, opposed to God's ideal for family life

II. Our bodies were not created for sex with multiple people (1 Corinthians 6:13)

A. Illicit sex is actually misusing and abusing our bodies

1) That's why sex outside of God's plan (monogamous marriage) is dangerous - literally

2) Always negatives involved with illicit sex

a) STDs, unwanted pregnancies, emotional heartache, insecurities, arrogance, perverse strongholds, destruction of families


I. Do you believe a man needs only one woman sexually?

II. What are some of the tools Satan uses to make us believe we need more than one woman?

A. How does Satan's lie negatively affect us and negatively impact our lives and relationships?

B. What can we do to keep ourselves from believing Satan's lie? How do we rid ourselves of that type of thinking?

III. How do we teach boys and young men this truth regarding sexuality?

IV. What are some ways we can display and exhibit sexual integrity to our boys, young men, and society in general?

A. Avoid gawking at women, making sexual comments

B. Speak glowingly of marriage and our wives

V. What are the detriments of sexual immortality?

VI. What are the benefits of sexual integrity?